Monday, 26 July 2010


Spike Theatre would like to cast for the David Wood adaptation of Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl. This is a co-production between Spike Theatre and The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal.

· Danny
(Male) playing age 12-16

· Dad (William)
(Male) playing age 35-45

· Mrs Clipstone (The Vicars wife) + Council inspector
(Female) playing age 25-35

· Mr Hazell
(Male) playing age 35-45

An ability to play one or more instruments along with puppetry skills would be ideal. Please highlight your playing standard and experience of using puppets.

You must have a Northwest base as we are unable to pay for accommodation during rehearsal period which will take place in Liverpool (3 weeks)

Salary £385 p/w for a total of 7 weeks.

Rehearsals – 15th November – 7th December (Liverpool)
Run – 8th December – 31st December 2010 (Not including the 25th December) (Kendal)

Resume, headshot and covering letter detailing relevant skills and experience should be sent to Adrian Turrell-Watts at by July 28th 2010.

Auditions 2nd August 2010 in Liverpool.

Monday, 17 May 2010

casting for Treasure Island


Theatre in the Parks - Treasure Island

Spike Theatre

Spike Theatre would like to cast 3 merseyside-based actors with experience of devising and outdoor theatre.

Should be available for rehearsal period 7th June 2010 for three weeks and performances in Liverpool parks:

National Wildflower Centre, Knowsley

26th-30th June 2010.

Allerton Tower, Liverpool

3rd & 4th July and 7th-11th July 2010.

Salary £385 p/w for a total of 5 weeks.

Resume, headshot and covering letter detailing relevant skills and experience should be sent to Adrian Turrell-Watts at by May 24th 2010.

Auditions 1st June 2010 in Liverpool.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Casting for our new show...


Spike Theatre would like to cast 3 actors with experience of devising and comic theatre and musical ability. An ability to play one or more instruments along with acrobatic skills is ideal.

Should be available for research and development period in July 2010 (week beginning 12th July to be confirmed), rehearsal period 13th September for four weeks and national tour from 11th October – 6th November 2010.

Salary £385 p/w for a total of 9 weeks.

Resume, headshot and covering letter detailing relevant skills and experience should be sent to Adrian Turrell-Watts at by May 14th 2010.

Auditions 26th May 2010 in Liverpool.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

top of the world - end of tour

Hi all,

Well in the immortal words 'we came, we saw, we conquered' the top of the world team have had a great time, we really have enjoyed driving and performing the length and breadth of this great isle. The show will be going out again in 2011, so keep an eye out for it.

all the best


Friday, 19 March 2010

Top of the World - on the road

Hi all,

Since our last blog we have been down to Reading at the brilliantly run South St. The team reported that George Band an original member of the 1953 expedition came to see the show and loved it. I cant say how chuffed i am at this, but shame though i missed meeting him but heh i get to share the news with you.

all the best


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

From the Top of the World team on the road...


We’re about a third of the way through the tour now, and we're having a very exciting time on the road. There have been some beautiful venues, for both breath-taking scenery - such as Theatre by the Lake in Keswick - to really warm, inviting and intimate venues such as The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre in Havant and Pocklington Arts Centre near York. We’ve also managed to find some fine eating-holes to satisfy Eugene’s huge appetite (for such a small person). A special mention to J’s Café nr Portsmouth for the “Gutbuster Brekkie” it really did what it said on the tin!

We’ve met a real diverse mix of theatregoers including your hardened theatre regulars and first time viewers. To all of these people, we would like to give a huge personal thanks to you all, for taking time out of your busy schedules to come and support Spike Theatre!

The response has been fantastic, with comments such as:

“A fun packed night”

“I wasn’t expecting what I saw and was thoroughly entertained”

“Creative, Innovative, Quirky, and thoroughly enjoyable evening, we hope to see you again”

At one point we even had the weather of the real mountaineers as the heavens opened and dumped a heavy flurry of snow on us as we travelled from Darlington to Kendal! We were told that the road had been closed by the “Snow Gates” and were quite excited to hear that people's worlds can be turned upside down by snow gates…. However this didn’t stop us. We set about digging the van out of the snow and found an exciting route over the hills, where we paused to carry on our behind-the-scenes filming of the tour and to sing our show song ‘Top of the World” with a backdrop of snow capped hills and covered fields. A truly Hillary and Tenzing-inspired resilience to reach our destination in Kendal!

Our three night run on home turf at Unity Theatre, Liverpool allowed us to settle for a few nights at home as usually we pull up, get in, perform, say good bye, pack up and hit the road to another beautiful Travelodge somewhere up the country. We managed to sell out two of the three shows and the audiences were amazing! Excellent reviews from both the Echo and the Daily Post have given us a real boost on the road. We genuinely haven’t stopped laughing since the three of us met up for the first time in rehearsals. And now joined by Jon - our super technician - we try and transpose our relationship of commitment, humour, fun and comradeship on to the stage to create a performance that includes all of the audience.

On Tuesday we head out again, down to St Albans and beyond, check out our schedule to see when we’re at a venue near you! It would be great to see you there.

All the best,
Tomo, Eugene, Jamie and Jon

Top of the World Tour Dates

The Maltings Arts Theatre, St Albans
01727 844 222

Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham
01329 223 100

Wadham School, Crewkerne, Somerset (Take Art Rural Touring)
01460 270 123

Kilve Village Hall, Somerset (Take Art Rural Touring)
01278 741 157

Churchinford Village Hall, Somerset (Take Art Rural Touring)
01823 601 422

16th & 17th
South Street, Reading
0118 960 6060

Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton
01902 321 321

Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead
01442 228 091

Rolvenden Village Hall, Kent (Applause Rural Touring)
07874 214 916

Appleby Village Hall, Cumbria (Highlights Rural Touring)
01768 352 210

Block Theatre, Driffield School, Yorkshire (Artery Rural Touring)
01377 253 631 x 272

Dent Village Hall, Cumbria (Highlights Rural Touring)
01539 625 022

Village Hall, North Newbald, Yorkshire (Artery Rural Touring)
01430 827 679

Whalton Village Hall, Morpeth (Highlights Rural Touring)
01670 775 386

Shire Hall, Howden, Yorkshire
01430 431 535

Forest Arts Centre, Walsall (Black Country Touring)
0845 111 2900

The Lowry, Salford
0843 208 6010

E M Forster Theatre, Tonbridge School, Kent
01732 304 241

Kings Lynn Arts Centre
01553 764 864

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Top of the world and other news


Since our last post we have been very busy, up and down the country and receiving positive plaudits from critic's, venues and audiences alike. Spike are currently planning for the rest of the year and into 2011, we have some great ideas which we will share with you soon.

all the best


Sunday, 28 February 2010

Top of the world on tour


Since our last post we have been travelling the length and breadth of the country. We have had really great feedback from venues and audience alike, (Havant, Darlington, Kendal, Liverpool) along the way we have had illness, tiredness and had to dig the van out of the snow, so all in all an eventful week.

The show has really got into it's stride and the guys are doing a great job, my particular highlight was watching how the audience in Kendal were so comfortable at being involved in the show (one guy mid-show explained in detail how to read closed circuit oxygen apparatus) it was truly a moment of brilliance as it was so unexpected but completely right at the same time. We have managed to get audiences to sing, laugh, and play along with us which is more than we could ask for. Whilst making the show we wanted everyone to feel part of the Everest team and from the reaction we have succeeded which makes us all very happy.

Anyway next week i am sure there will be more adventures a plenty.

all the best


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Top of the world opens and now on tour


Since the last post Top of the world has opened strongly in Bury, we have had some great feedback from the venues and audience alike, getting to this point though has been really hard going. On Monday starting our tech the lighting board (very expensive) decided to die on us which messed our whole day up and we were then playing catch up till our opening night, to put it mildly my nerves were on edge. To add into the mix one of actors in Hoof! rang to say they were ill the night before our show in Keswick. This meant that on the Tuesday i had to drive to Bury to do the get in and then drive up to Keswick to perform in Hoof! and then be in Bury next day without having tech ed or dressed the show a nightmare to say the least!

The tech team and i had plotted the show in advance so on Wednesday it was head's down and get it done. The show opened brilliantly and there was a fantastic buzz in the venue and this is testament to the great the team who were worked there sock's off.

The team left on tour on Friday, and i went to the Everyman to work with the Hoof! team for Friday and Saturday's show so as you can see a busy week all round. Hoof! shows were some of the best we have ever done a real shame it is the last ever in Liverpool but 6 years is a long time and it is time to make something new.

Anyway i am enjoying having some time off (Sunday at least) before back to it, one of the actors will be posting tour updates so stay tuned for weekly updates.

all the best


Sunday, 14 February 2010

End of week 4 Top of the World


Since the last post we have a show! (Hurrah) . After a hard week of blocking and re-adjusting scenes it made me realise we have a fine show on our hands and something that has genuinely been a collaborative endeavour. The show open's on Wednesday in Bury and we are very excited to hear what people think. We still have a busy few days to put all the lighting, sound and film into the show, but the team are all in good form and i am confident we will be firing on all cylinders come wednesday evening.

Adrian and I went over to The Met in Bury on Saturday to see 'The conquest of Everest' the film that inspired the show, it was great to see so many people there. I spoke about the show and at the end loads of people stayed to chat and booked tickets to see T.O.T.W which was great.

It has been a busy week but one which end with some sad news, we found out that Alf Gregory one of the Everest Team passed away, our thoughts are with his family and friends. We have decided that this tour will be dedicated to the memory of Alf.

Anyway still lots of work to do this week, but the summit is within sight and then we can celebrate and have a nice drink. Enjoy valentines day.

all the best


Saturday, 6 February 2010

End of week 3 Top of the World


Since the last post the show has moved on massively, we have nearly finished generating all the material which leaves a week and half to rehearse and tech before we open. The team are in good spirits as am i, as we know we have a good show on our hands but still with plenty of work to go.

Particular highlights this week were the use and exploration of what the ladders can do (you would not believed what we have tried) the use of ropes, puppets and my particular favourite elastic. All have made it into the show in one form or another. The production team have been cracking on finishing off music, film, costumes, tents and a whole host of other things.

We received an email from Mary Lowe wife of George Lowe (Everest expedition 1953) saying that she will be coming to see the show and that she has sent it to other surviving members of the Everest team, i was blown away by the news but also very scared as we are staging there

Book your tickets soon.

all the best


Friday, 29 January 2010

End of week 2 of rehearsals (top of the world)


Wow what a busy week, we have generated loads of material and the show is looking great. We were joined by various members of the production team across the week and there input and feedback has been invaluable. It is hard sometimes to be sure you are on the right path, but i am now sure we are. The work and process is very fluid with everyone inputting ideas, it is so much fun to generate work in this environment and you have to pinch yourself to remind you are getting paid to do this. My highlight of the week was the creation of an avalanche and on Friday the song Top of the world.

Loads of things still to do but we are on track, now have the weekend to reflect, shape ideas and try to shake this cold of which is the only downside to the whole week.

all the best


Saturday, 23 January 2010


End of our first week of rehearsals for top of the world. After a week of playing prior to xmas we get down to the fact that we have to make a show, exciting and terrifying at the same time. As any devisor will tell you are always on the point of, which way do we go? where to explore? what to leave out? a feeling akin i imagine to the how Hilary and tenzing felt, excited but nervous of the unknown. The team are great and we are all feeling are way slowly but surely in to the grove, but the main thing is we are having fun this keeps the room light and creative, whilst at the same time we are focused on asking the bigger questions as mentioned above.

We explore and will continue to do so with this thought at the forefront of our minds the journey starts with the first step, and we are are walking we just have 3 more weeks to go.

all the best

mark smith

Monday, 18 January 2010

To begin....

So... Spike's first blog. To begin with here's a little background info:

Company History
Established in 1997, Spike Theatre is a touring, theatre company that creates accessible, engaging and visually exciting work. With an emphasis on exploring and developing a bold style of storytelling using physical creativity, it draws upon various disciplines such as, acrobatics, ensemble performance, animation, mime, clown and strong characterisation. Spike produces an original style of ‘Total’ theatre with the performer at the centre of its creative force.

Spike is run by artistic director, Mark Smith and administrator, Adrian Turrell-Watts.

In the creation of Spike’s work the company draw on a growing pool of performers, musicians, acrobats, designers, puppet makers and a host of other creative talent.

Spike has been part of Arts Council England’s portfolio of Regularly Funded Organisations in the North West since 2003.

So there you go... you can get all sorts of further information from the company website at including information on where and when you can see our work. Talking of which, we're currently flat out with two upcoming performance projects:

Top of the World

... is a brand new show devised by the company for touring from February-April this year. It features two performers new to the company - Jamie Wood and Eugene Salleh. They are playing Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay respectively in a re-telling of the story of the first ascent of Everest back in 1953.

The Director (Mark Smith), Stage Manager (Chris Tomlinson) and the cast will be blogging away during the rehearsals and tour so watch this space for insider information about the creation and development of the show.. and if you get along to a performance on the tour we'd love to read your comments here too.

Hoof! & Hoof Jnr!

Our amazing spontaneous theatre show Hoof! is off on it's travels again this spring too.

The show is playing its last ever Liverpool dates at The Everyman Theatre next month (Feb 19th & 20th) so if you're in the area get along to catch the show in its home city while you can!

The Everyman is also playing host to Hoof's baby offspring - Hoof Jnr! - at 2pm on Saturday 20th so bring yourselves and the kids along to help decide the characters and story in this never-to-be-repeated improvised stage show for children aged 5+ and their families.

In addition to our last ever Liverpool dates, the Hoof! teams will be playing their first ever shows in Keswick (Theatre by the Lake - Feb 16th 7:30pm) and Lancaster (April 17th - Hoof! @8pm and Hoof Jnr! @ 2pm).

Keep an eye out for updates and more info here but book your tickets for the shows at:

We're really looking forward to seeing you at one or more of our shows and to keeping you up-to-date with all things Spikey in this blog...