Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Ancient Olympics inspiration for 'The Games'

During the making of 'The Games' I and the team researched an enormous amount of information. I discovered recently Storify a great online application which allows you to capture and share information in the form of a story. This is what I came up with, it is by no means definitive and really only skirts the surface of the research we undertook, but it gives you an insight into the amazing world of the ancient olympics, to date over a 100 people have looked at it. Have a read

Written by Mark Smith - Artistic Director - Spike Theatre

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

D.I.Y - 'The Games' microsite - The can do attitude!

Warning: What is written below is a bit self-help like, apologies in advance

We at Spike have never really had any money - most things are very kind hand me downs, (office furniture, computers et al) we have always had to learn and D.I.Y.

We need a website for 'The Games' someone said, I replied 'I can do that'. I truly believe that the D.I.Y mentality is the way that small scale theatre continues to innovate and experiment. It means you are constantly learning and applying what you have learnt in unusual ways, this ethos is one that can be a pain at times (feeling out of your depth and taking far longer than a expert would) but the skills gained means I can hold my own in techy conversations and in addition see how things might be applied to our work on stage. It means that nothing frightens me, it means learning and a bit of time and energy, thats the can do attitude. Remember don't be afraid to ask people who know more than you, they can only say no.

Having asked the people of twitter (see asking) 'Weebly' was recommended, having signed up and taught myself a bit of photo shop I spent a couple of weeks creating our website have a look around loads of Games stuff from our tour, R and D and other goodies.

Spike will continue to have no money but with D.I.Y and a can do attitude nothing is impossible.