Sunday, 21 February 2010

Top of the world opens and now on tour


Since the last post Top of the world has opened strongly in Bury, we have had some great feedback from the venues and audience alike, getting to this point though has been really hard going. On Monday starting our tech the lighting board (very expensive) decided to die on us which messed our whole day up and we were then playing catch up till our opening night, to put it mildly my nerves were on edge. To add into the mix one of actors in Hoof! rang to say they were ill the night before our show in Keswick. This meant that on the Tuesday i had to drive to Bury to do the get in and then drive up to Keswick to perform in Hoof! and then be in Bury next day without having tech ed or dressed the show a nightmare to say the least!

The tech team and i had plotted the show in advance so on Wednesday it was head's down and get it done. The show opened brilliantly and there was a fantastic buzz in the venue and this is testament to the great the team who were worked there sock's off.

The team left on tour on Friday, and i went to the Everyman to work with the Hoof! team for Friday and Saturday's show so as you can see a busy week all round. Hoof! shows were some of the best we have ever done a real shame it is the last ever in Liverpool but 6 years is a long time and it is time to make something new.

Anyway i am enjoying having some time off (Sunday at least) before back to it, one of the actors will be posting tour updates so stay tuned for weekly updates.

all the best


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