Saturday, 6 February 2010

End of week 3 Top of the World


Since the last post the show has moved on massively, we have nearly finished generating all the material which leaves a week and half to rehearse and tech before we open. The team are in good spirits as am i, as we know we have a good show on our hands but still with plenty of work to go.

Particular highlights this week were the use and exploration of what the ladders can do (you would not believed what we have tried) the use of ropes, puppets and my particular favourite elastic. All have made it into the show in one form or another. The production team have been cracking on finishing off music, film, costumes, tents and a whole host of other things.

We received an email from Mary Lowe wife of George Lowe (Everest expedition 1953) saying that she will be coming to see the show and that she has sent it to other surviving members of the Everest team, i was blown away by the news but also very scared as we are staging there

Book your tickets soon.

all the best


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