Friday, 29 January 2010

End of week 2 of rehearsals (top of the world)


Wow what a busy week, we have generated loads of material and the show is looking great. We were joined by various members of the production team across the week and there input and feedback has been invaluable. It is hard sometimes to be sure you are on the right path, but i am now sure we are. The work and process is very fluid with everyone inputting ideas, it is so much fun to generate work in this environment and you have to pinch yourself to remind you are getting paid to do this. My highlight of the week was the creation of an avalanche and on Friday the song Top of the world.

Loads of things still to do but we are on track, now have the weekend to reflect, shape ideas and try to shake this cold of which is the only downside to the whole week.

all the best


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