Saturday, 23 January 2010


End of our first week of rehearsals for top of the world. After a week of playing prior to xmas we get down to the fact that we have to make a show, exciting and terrifying at the same time. As any devisor will tell you are always on the point of, which way do we go? where to explore? what to leave out? a feeling akin i imagine to the how Hilary and tenzing felt, excited but nervous of the unknown. The team are great and we are all feeling are way slowly but surely in to the grove, but the main thing is we are having fun this keeps the room light and creative, whilst at the same time we are focused on asking the bigger questions as mentioned above.

We explore and will continue to do so with this thought at the forefront of our minds the journey starts with the first step, and we are are walking we just have 3 more weeks to go.

all the best

mark smith

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