Sunday, 5 June 2011

Edinburgh fringe - A gamble worth taking?

Well, it has been months of work but the launch of the fringe will be taking place this Thursday, a key milestone for all those companies, venues, marketeers, press and others who make Edinburgh the most exciting festival in the world. This launch offers a brief respite and chance to reflect on the work already undertaken and the work still to do, but in essence the clock is turned on and its ticking!

We are excited about our adventure to Edinburgh, to say it is a gamble is an understatement - but like any gambler you plan for the odds to be stacked slightly in your favour, hence check everything we have done and are still to do and then check again. We have a cracking team, all of whom i trust with my life, maybe slightly dramatic but it feels like that. We were unsuccessful in our application to become an NPO with Arts council, England although we still have funding till March 2012. We could have pulled our trip to Edinburgh, to sit on our hands and do the sensible thing, but like any theatre company we exist to present work, to add to the world, to make people think and laugh, it is what makes us tick, so was never an option.

Edinburgh is the opportunity to show the world what we do, with a show I and many others love, so the gamble is definitely worth it. We have received massive support from many friends, we have raised a significant amount of money (not huge compared to much larger organisations) but significant in the fact that it has been given by people who care about Spike and its future. So the clocks ticking, as we prepare to line up with thousands of shows waiting for the gun to go bang, and once we are off are fates are in the lap of the gods! (pardon me for the sporting and greek references but I could not help myself)

If you want to support 'The Games' you can still give on our website or come to see the show

5th - 29th August (no shows on Tuesdays 16th & 23rd)

12:30 - 1:40pm (70 mins)

Venue 115
2 Roxburgh Place

Box office: 0131 662 6892

Tickets: £10 / £8
Preview shows: £5
(5th & 6th Aug)

Written by Mark Smith - Artistic Director - Spike Theatre

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